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Matthew Taylor, Magical Educator

With just over 300 performances in support of Reading and Public Libraries in the last six years, it’s safe to say entertainer Matthew Taylor isn’t just clowning around.  Not only is he a talented magician and a gifted family-friendly performer, he is also adept at weaving library science and skills into fun, motivational performances that make kids want to read--and, more importantly, return to the library! Mr. Taylor takes concepts like saying “please” and “thank you” and being a courteous reader, combines them with lessons in the Dewey Decimal System and care and use of borrowed materials, and tops it all off with a dose of this year’s Summer Reading Theme.  His presentations never fail to entertain both young and old alike, and Librarians couldn’t be happier! Have Matthew Taylor be the highlight of your Summer Reading Program!

Ready, Set, Read!

Matthew Taylor presents this entertaining and amazing tribute to the Public Library. This show is available year-round for libraries and schools to highlight the importance of reading!  

NEW For Summer 2018

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